Caring For Coloured Hair - The Do's and Dont's

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A little bit of colour hurt no one. Or can it? In the course of the natural hair journey, you might want to spice up things a bit by dyeing your hair. That's ok - so far as you're able to properly take care of it. Here are a few things you might want to consider

Choosing the right dye

This is very important. The kind of dye you choose for your hair might work or might end up damaging it. Before you settle on one, read reviews about it and most importantly do a patch test at the back of your hair a day ahead. If everything works out well, you can go ahead and use it on the rest of your hair.

Deep conditioning

Coloured hair tends to get dry quickly especially for natural hair. One way of ensuring your hair gets the moisture it needs is to deep condition it regularly. Some refer to it as steaming. That's fine too. You can create your own DIY deep condition or go in for the already formulated Deep Conditioning Treatment from Eya Naturals. 

Moisturize consistently

Due to how dry coloured hair gets, it needs a lot of moisture. You can either use the Aloe Vera Hair Mist or the Hair and Scalp Spray to moisturize followed by leave in lotion and either Shea Butter or Hair Oil to seal in the moisture. Applying oil alone to your hair isn't moisturizing.

Protein treatment

A week or two after dyeing your hair, a protein treatment is advisable. It protect your hair from breakage and repeat it once every 4 to 6 weeks. Doing so strengthens the base of your hair making it healthier. 

Wear a satin bonnet at night

Protect your hair at might with a satin bonnet or a silk scarf. This would help protect it especially from split ends at night. Before putting on the bonnet, moisturize hair and put it in 2-3 chunky braids before wearing your bonnet. 

Be gentle with your hair

After colouring your hair, please be gentle with it especially during washdays and styling. Generally, coloured hair is more fragile compared to uncoloured hair. When detangling, make sure hair is properly moisturized. Detangle in sections and use a wide tooth comb. These would help in retaining length as well. 

Before you decide to dye your hair, please make sure your hair is very healthy in order not to put you hair through any undue damage. This means regular deep conditioning and moisturizing. Don't follow the trend if your hair isn't healthy. 

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