Caring For Kids With Natural Hair

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When it comes to our kids, we only want the best for them. Let's be honest, caring for kids with natural hair isn't exactly a walk in the park. Wash days can get complicated, styling can take hours with lots of begging and deciding on a style can be a daunting task. Today, we would try to make things a bit easier with some tips on caring for your kid's hair.

Focus on healthy hair not instant growth

This is not a critique but more of an advise. Don't be so fixated on the growth of your kid's hair. It's hair, it'll grow eventually. Rather, place emphasis on the health of their hair which includes placing them on a consistent hair regimen.

Braiding with extensions? Hold on

Adding extensions to your kids hair isn't such a bad idea but for a kid less than 2 years old? You might want to hold off on that. Generally, kids have very soft scalp. Any tension on their scalp could affect hair growth. This is why we advise on holding off braiding with extensions as it can put undue tension on their scalp and hair. When in  doubt, put the hair in twists, buns or puffs  which do not pull on their edges.

Do not forget to moisturize

And by this we do not mean apply shea butter on dry hair. To moisturize properly, spray the hair with the Eya Naturals Hair Milk, massage gently into hair, apply your Shea Butter and finally the Kids Conditioning Hair Oil. Moisturizing can be done daily even if your kid is in twists or braids or any protective style. For fear of messing up the style, you can alternatively just use the Hair Milk. If you realize your kids hair is getting dry even after you consistently moisturize, Deep Condition once every month.

Be gentle on washdays

Washdays can be a nightmare and kids tend to over-react on those days. We know! How can we make it interesting for them and easier for us? Use products which are gentle on their hair, making washing and the detangling process relatively easier. The Eya Naturals Kids Set is perfect for that. Next, engage your kids with something they enjoy - perhaps a snack, a toy or a tablet. The choice is entirely yours to make.

Kids hairstyles versus adult hairstyles

Let kids be kids. Leave the adult hairstyles for when they are adults. Hair bubbles, cornrows, large twists, regular braids with their own hair are still in vogue. Do not over-manipulate their hair with adult hairstyles like box braids, ponytails and the likes, at least until they are 5 years and above. These hairstyles, if not done properly tend to pull on their edges and hair in general. Wondering why a lot of adults have their edges falling off? There you go.

Do not compare their hair growth to others

One of the most important determinants of hair growth is genes. So before you compare your kids hair growth to others, make sure you have hair yourself. Sometimes, you may even have long thick hair but your kid ends up having a much different texture. It's normal. As they grow older, their hair will grow too. Enjoy the process of giving them healthy hair. Don't compare them with others.

Let professionals style their hair - when in doubt

Due to how delicate their scalp is, not everyone is fit to style your kid's hair. Using just anyone at all could contribute to your kid losing their hair from poor hair practices. Take them to professionals who have experience handling kids. Take them to Eya Salon.

One of the key things we would like you to take away from this post is to allow the hair of your kids to grow on its own terms. Use products which promote their general health and do not be so fixated on growth. 

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