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At a point in your hair care journey, you get motivated to try new things. Colouring your hair surely is an option. This isn't a decision to take lightly. Before going all out to colour your hair, here are some things you need to know.

Bleach or dye?

Bleaching is a chemical process which strips your hair of its dark colour or melanin to reveal a more 'blondish' or 'brownish' colour. It's a permanent procedure which can not be reversed.

Dyeing, however, adds colour to your hair. You can use a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent hair dye. If the goal is for your hair to be brightly coloured, you will have to consider bleaching the hair first before applying hair dye.

How to care for bleached and dyed hair

Moisturize frequently

Bleaching the hair strips it of its natural oils and moisture as well. This makes the hair dry. Moisturizing daily is key to its health. The same applies to dyed hair. Using the Aloe Vera Hair Mist, Leave in Lotion and Shea Butter to moisturize daily will improve the health of your bleached or dyed hair.

Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatment

Bleached or dyed hair is very susceptible to getting damaged. Treating your hair before and after should be on your to-do list. Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment done at least a week before bleaching or dyeing your hair. Get another done a week after to make the colour pop. Protein Treatment can be done within a 6-week interval to prevent breakage and restore the health of your hair.

Do not re-apply colour few days after 

6 weeks is enough time to re-apply colour again to your hair. Do not re-apply colour or bleach hair again a few days after the first procedure. The likelihood of damaging your hair is very high. Be patient. 

Bleaching or dyeing your hair should not be taken lightly. Although fun, if not done properly, you could damage your hair. Always go in for a patch test before bleaching or dyeing your hair.  For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.

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