Hair Treatment Options and What Each Does

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There are times when we realize our hair needs to be treated. Choosing the type of treatment becomes a headache. We'll be having a look at some different hair treatments available and the benefits of each treatment to our hair

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning should be part of our regimen no matter the state of your hair. It should be done on a weekly basis or at least once every 2 weeks to retain moisture and make your hair more manageable, having in mind that our hair needs a lot of moisture to stay healthy. After shampooing, massage into wet hair from roots to tip and leave on for 10 – 45 minutes. Wear a shower cap and apply moderate heat for deep penetration. Rinse out.


Protein Treatment

For frizzy, dry and brittle hair, protein treatment is the way to go. Although this is a temporary fix, protein treatment helps nourish and restore your hair to its healthy state. If you recently coloured or dyed your hair, you should follow it up with a protein treatment. Be cautious when protein treatments though. Doing it one too many times can damage your hair. It is advisable to do it once in a while.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment adds instant shine and whilst sealing in moisture in the hair. This leaves the hair looking silky and feeling well moisturized. This is your go-to treatment if you're experiencing dry and dull hair. You can do this weekly just before or after shampooing. 

Dry Scalp Treatment

Peppermint Oil Treatment

This is ideal if you're experiencing dry itchy scalp and dandruff. The dry scalp treatment comes in different forms. You can start with the Peppermint Oil treatment which uses the same process as the hot oil treatment. The only difference is that you have to mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut, avocado, almond, castor oils etc. before use.

Apple Cider Rinse

You can also do the Apple Cider Rinse treatment. Mix about 5-10 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water. Work the mixture unto your scalp after shampooing and conditioning. Massage the mixture evenly on scalp. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse it out with room temperature water and style as desired.  

Dry Scalp Set

This is ideal for everyday use as well as for wash days. The Dry Scalp Set has 5 different products which helps treat dandruff and itchy scalp on a daily basis. The set works together to help reduce dandruff, while promoting soft, manageable, tangle-free, healthy hair. 


Hair Repair Therapy

You know you're in trouble when you start experiencing dry and brittle hair or breakage. This is when you need the Hair Repair Therapy Set. The set has  been formulated to restore dry, damaged hair back to life. With key ingredients of coconut oil to condition hair and peppermint oil to revitalize your hair and scalp. Ideal for use on a daily basis and on wash days as well. 

Generally, maintaining healthy hair is a learning process. Don't get discouraged if you're experiencing any damage to your hair. Be consistent with the course of treatment and you'll be fine. When in doubt, please ask the stylists at the Eya Salon to help you out.

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