How to Use the Eya Grow and Thicken Set

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For most of us, the ultimate hair goal is to have longer and thicker hair. Is that even possible if you go natural? The simple answer is YES! Having longer and thicker natural hair is possible. However, it depends on a lot of things of which genes play an important role. The products and regimen you use for your hair also count a lot. This is why Eya Naturals formulated the Grow and Thicken Set to help you out.

The Grow and Thicken Set has 7 products that work together to promote hair growth. Let's dive into how to use the set efficiently 

Pre-poo using the hot oil treatment

Growing up, it was common knowledge to start with shampooing. We're challenging the status-quo. You do your hair so much good by pre-pooing. This helps to detangle the hair better, improves the general manageability of the hair and restores moisture and shine. To pre-poo, section your damp hair into 4 parts. Pour a small amount of the Hot Oil into a bowl. Warm the oil for 10-20 seconds in a microwave and apply it on your sectioned hair and scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and apply minimal heat for abut 20 minutes. If you do not have a dryer or steamer at home, here's a cool tip you can try. Dip your towel into warm water and squeeze out the excess water. While the towel is still hot, wrap it around your head, on top of your shower cap. This will help transfer some of the heat to your hair.

Wash your hair with the shampoo

Rinse out your prepoo with warm water. Pour a generous amount of Black Soap Shampoo into your hand and work it in your sectioned hair. Massage your scalp till it lathers, working in sections. Rinse out the shampoo and repeat the process.

Shampooing your hair in sections helps prevent excessive tangling of your hair during the process.

Apply the detangling conditioner

After rinsing out the shampoo from your hair, apply a generous amount of the Detangling Conditioner on your hair. Using a wide tooth comb or your fingers, gently detangle your hair starting from the ends of your hair and work your way to the roots. Wash out the detangling conditioner after about 5 minutes.

Prepare for styling

Use an old t-shirt, micro fiber towel or a very soft towel to pat dry your hair. Apply the Leave-in Conditioner on your hair and gently massage it on your scalp. Gently massage the Shea Body and Hair Butter on your scalp and apply it on your hair as well to seal in the moisture. Pour a small amount of the Hair Growth Oil, apply it to your edges and massage it on your scalp. Style your hair as desired. You can use the hair growth oil every morning or evening as well. Remember to moisturize with the Aloe vera hair mist or other moisturizer before massaging in your Hair growth oil.

Use of the Aloe Vera Hair Mist

This is a water-based hair mist that is enriched with Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamins B5. It can be used on your hair as and when needed to provide moisture and shine for your natural hair. It is particularly useful to use it in the morning just before styling and at night before sealing in the moisture with the hair growth oil or an oil of your choice. You can also spray it on your hair during the day when your hair feels dry.


The Grow and Thicken Set comes in 2 sizes, regular and large. The regular is 250ml and sells for 150 cedis. The large comes in 500ml for the Black Soap Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner and sells for 180 cedis only. It takes approximately 6 weeks to see results when used consistently and efficiently. 

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