Sharon Acheampong Honoured at the Women in Entrepreneurship Awards

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In the heart of Ghana, a passionate entrepreneur has been quietly revolutionizing the beauty industry for the past eight years. Sharon Acheampong, the visionary founder of Eya Naturals, embarked on a journey to celebrate and nurture natural hair, promoting self-love and empowering women across the nation. Today, we celebrate her remarkable achievements and recognize her as one of the top entrepreneurs in Ghana, honored at the prestigious Women in Entrepreneurship Awards dubbed Ellevate by Ecobank. Join us as we delve into Sharon's inspiring story, her dedication to natural beauty, and the impact of Eya Naturals on the lives of many.

Sharon Acheampong: A Trailblazer in Natural Hair Care

Eight years ago, Sharon Acheampong embarked on a mission to redefine beauty standards and embrace the natural hair movement in Ghana. With a deep-rooted passion for empowering women to embrace their authentic selves, she founded Eya Naturals, a brand committed to providing high-quality, natural hair care products tailored for diverse hair textures.

Sharon's dedication to her craft, her commitment to empowering women, and her unwavering belief in the beauty of natural hair have not only transformed the lives of her customers but also inspired a generation. 

The Ellevate Women in Entrepreneurship Awards: A Recognition of Excellence

Recently, Sharon Acheampong's exceptional contributions to the beauty industry were recognized at the Women in Entrepreneurship Awards. This prestigious event, aimed at honoring outstanding female entrepreneurs across Ghana, bestowed Sharon with a well-deserved spot among the top 30 entrepreneurs in the country. The award not only acknowledges her entrepreneurial prowess but also celebrates her dedication to promoting natural beauty and self-confidence among Ghanaian women.

Eya Naturals: Empowering Women, One Curl at a Time

Under Sharon's leadership, Eya Naturals has become more than just a natural hair brand; it has become a movement. Through meticulously crafted products made from organic ingredients, Eya Naturals has empowered countless women to embrace their natural hair textures, fostering a sense of pride and confidence. Sharon's vision has created a community where women celebrate their unique beauty, breaking free from societal norms and embracing their individuality. What started out of the need to care for her daughter's hair has blossomed into a natural hair care brand, a skin care line and a string of salons and spas.

Sharon's Vision for the Future

As we celebrate Sharon's achievement at the Ellevate Women in Entrepreneurship Awards, we also look forward to the future she envisions for Eya Naturals. With her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to empowering women, there's no doubt that Eya Naturals will continue to flourish, reaching even greater heights in the beauty industry. Sharon's story serves as an inspiration not only to aspiring entrepreneurs but also to every woman who dares to embrace her natural beauty with pride and confidence.

In Sharon, we find a beacon of inspiration, a woman whose passion for natural beauty has created ripples of empowerment throughout Ghana. Here's to the entire team at Eya Naturals and to Sharon Acheampong, a true trailblazer in the beauty industry, and her continued success in empowering women, one curl at a time.

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