To Big Chop or To Transition

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One of the most difficult decisions to make before going natural, is to decide whether to big chop or to transition. Of course the choice is yours to make but understanding what both entail might steer you toward the most desirable choice.

Big Chop

Big chop simply means cutting off your permed hair and starting the natural hair journey from ‘ground zero’. It might seem a bit drastic but it gives you the opportunity to enjoy every stage of your hair journey.

Before deciding to go with the big chop, you have to ask yourself if you can live with having little to no hair. Honestly, it takes a lot of confidence to chop it all off.

The big chop is just the first step. You must make a conscious effort to take care of your hair even if you want only 1 inch of it on your head. 

Start with products specially made to take care of natural hair. This is because unlike permed hair, natural hair needs a lot of moisture. Natural hair products are specially formulated to provide moisture. The Essentials Set from Eya Naturals does just that. For a newbie natural, the set contains all the essentials you need to jumpstart your natural hair journey.

You can decide to mix things up a bit with wig caps or protective styles if your hair is long enough even after the big chop. 


To transition, in simple terms, is to grow out your natural hair under your relaxed hair. This means staying away from the relaxer for a while and cutting off the permed ends gradually or all at once. This is a much desirable option for a lot of people.

Due to having different textures (permed and natural), your hair is susceptible to breakage. How do you prevent that? Unfortunately you can’t. You can manage it with the Hair Repair Therapy Set from Eya Naturals which helps stop breakage and restores your hair back to health.

Repait Set

Transitioning also means you have the option of getting protective styles such as braids or twists done. Please do not forget to moisturize your hair even in the protective styles.

Whichever option you decide to go with, own it! The natural hair journey is a beautiful one.

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