10 Myths about Natural Hair

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Raise your hand if you were discouraged from keeping natural hair. To be honest, there are a lot of myths associated with natural hair. With each passing day, something new pops up. 

We tend to experiment with our hair till we finally find a regimen that fits our hair. Whilst doing this, we come across so much information that scares us sometimes. Stay with us as we go through some myths associated with keeping natural hair.

1. Natural hair does not grow

If I had a pesewa or dime for every time someone said this, I would have a fleet of cars by now. Natural hair does grow. Due to the texture of our hair, it might seem like we're getting more volume than length. Doing a length check from time to time helps you track your hair length. 

2. Keeping natural hair is expensive

The issue of affordability is relative, however, keeping natural hair is not expensive. The basic things you need to manage your hair are not expensive compared to the alternatives. Water is our best friend and oh, almighty shea butter. 

3. Oils moisturize your hair

For the most part, oils are a sealant. This means that oils seal in whatever is on your hair. If your hair is dry and you apply oil, you're just sealing in the dryness. This is why it's important to first use water or a water-based hair mist or moisturizer before applying oils unto your hair.

4. You cannot comb your hair

This is not entirely a myth. Hear me out though. You don't have to comb your hair like you would do on relaxed hair. The essentials you need for combing are water, regular conditioner or leave in conditioner, your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Moisturize your hair with the water and leave in lotion, section your hair into 4 parts and with your fingers or wide-tooth comb, gently comb hair from the tips to the roots.

5. Natural hair grows faster if you put on protective styles

Putting on protective styles such as braids and twists rather helps retain length. These styles are low manipulation and thus helps in retaining hair that would have been otherwise lost through combing or styling or frequent manipulation.

6. The most expensive products work better

Everyone's hair is different and responds to products differently. How cheap or expensive the products are have little bearing on how effective they'll be on your hair. What's important is to know if the ingredients used are suitable for your hair type. 

7. Shrinkage means weak hair

Almost every person with natural hair has experienced shrinkage one way or the other. Is it cause for alarm? Not necessarily. Shrinkage is part of being natural. Some say, shrinkage is an indication of healthy natural hair. If you do experience shrinkage a lot, don't be worried. Try the African threading or banding method to stretch out your hair from time to time. If you decide to blow dry, use minimal heat after applying heat protectant on your hair.

8. Natural hair doesn't make you look professional

This is definitely a kicker. A lot of women have suffered in the corporate world for keeping natural hair. This has got to do with people's perceptions rather than the natural look itself. There are so many ways of wearing your hair neatly and proudly to work, school or any event. You can visit a natural hair salon like Eya Salon for refreshingly beautiful hair styles.

9. Relaxed hair can be transformed to natural hair

This is false. You'll either have to do the big chop (cutting off the relaxed hair all at once) or transition (grow out your hair and cut off the relaxed hair when you are comfortable with your natural length). No product on the market can change relaxed hair into natural hair. 

10. You can straighten your hair anytime

Well, you actually can, but it's not advisable. One thing natural hair really dislikes is constant heat. Straightening your hair once in a while (using heat protection) is manageable. However, doing it constantly with very high heat, is likely to cause heat damage. There's no coming back from that ladies. Please minimize the use of heat.

With these myths straightened out, we can now enjoy the natural hair journey without fear. Keep experimenting and keep learning. 

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