Taking Care Of Your Child's Hair

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Taking care of our own hair can be exhausting sometimes. It doesn't come as a surprise then that taking care of our kids hair can be daunting sometimes. However, hair care is part of our every day routine as nappy women. Trying to figure it all out can be frustrating. This is why we are here to help.

1. Allow your child's hair to breathe

Yes, we know! It's sometimes impossible not to style your child's hair but remember how sensitive the scalp of kids are. Put in a hairband and you're good to go. Try not to over manipulate their hair as it can give them headaches and bald patches sometimes. To prevent tangles at night, either put them in flat twists or chunky braids without extensions. And don't forget the satin bonnet or scarf.

2. Learn how to detangle hair carefully

For the start, get a wide tooth comb specially dedicated to your baby. To make it easier to detangle, wet hair and apply lots of detangling conditioner and start combing from the tips through to the roots of the hair. Some parents prefer detangling whilst giving their babies/kids a bath. So far as it makes them less fussy, that works too.

3. Use products specially formulated for children

It can be tempting sometimes to use our leftover products for our kids. Get them their own products if you can. There are specially formulated hair products for children which does the job better. They are milder and gentler for your kids. Go for those. The Eya Naturals Kids Set makes detangling easier whilst nourishing the hair and promoting hair growth.

4.  Make wash day interesting 

 This can be a nightmare sometimes but keep in handy their favourite toy or perhaps a treat or their tablet. Maybe you can engage in storytelling or nursery rhymes. Whatever you do, make sure your child enjoys doing it. This might distract her. If it doesn't, well...goodluck!

5. Avoid hair styles that are too tight

Braids and cornrows in particular, can cause a lot of tension on our scalp even as adults. Imagine the tension it causes on your child's scalp. If they complain it's too tight, please listen to them. Sometimes, they might just be the 'drama queen' type but for the most part, they might truly be in pain. 

Taking care of your child's hair can be the perfect bonding time. They grow up so quickly so enjoy every part of it. 

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