Are Braids Synonymous With Ignoring Your Hair?

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Be honest, you don't install braids to protect your hair. Most times, it's because you need a break from regular hair maintenance. We're not judging. We understand the struggle. However, having on braids shouldn't end hair care. Let's get into it.

Loose vrs tight braids

To start with, stop installing very tight braids especially at the edges. Let your stylist know if it's too tight. R.I.P. to the edges we've lost to braids. Enough is enough!  


The key word is moisturize. In other words add moisture or hydrate. You're probably thinking, 'oh yeah I do that'. Let us burst your bubble. Oiling your scalp isn't the same as moisturizing. In fact, if you have low porosity hair, those heavy oils are probably just 'sitting' on your scalp contributing to build up. To properly moisturize as we've said earlier, you need something that hydrates. The Aloe Vera Hair Mist and Anti Itch Hair and Scalp Spray (if you experience itchiness as well) is great for you. Now, after spraying your hair with any of these, you can decide to oil your scalp or not. Your hair already has the moisture it needs.

The 6 weeks rule

It almost comes as a shock when someone complains of breakage after installing and keeping braids for 5 months. And this is with no proper hair regimen. Stop doing this, please! Protective styles in general are not supposed to go beyond 6 weeks. And for those 6 weeks, moisturize everyday if you can. 

From braids to braids, till breakage separates you

There's another group of people who keep installing braids after braids after braids. Hands up if that's you. Please allow your hair to breathe. What time do you have to treat your hair? The constant manipulation of braiding, ignoring it for months and leaving it to its fate should be a serious crime. We almost forgot one thing, the smell. Oh no! Stop doing that to people. No no, stop doing that to yourself. On a lighter note, 6 weeks should be the longest to have on braids.

Switch up your styles

Maybe you're out of ideas as to what styles to go in for aside braids. Or maybe your job doesn't allow you to have time for your hair. Or school gets in the way. No matter the challenge, talk to us at Eya Salon, we have a wide range of natural hair styles we know you will rock. Let the Eyanista in you shine through your hairstyles.

Don't get this post wrong. Braids are lovely and we love how women of colour particularly rock it. All we're saying is don't ignore your hair whilst in braids. And whilst we are on the topic, if you're losing your edges stop braiding. If you're experiencing breakage, stop braiding. Concentrate on treating your hair. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.

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