Stretching Natural Hair

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At a point in our natural hair journey, we feel the need to stretch our hair. Often times, we feel like stretching our hair to check the length. Other times, we just want a different look. No matter the reason, there are different ways of stretching hair. Shall we explore what these are? Let's go!

African Threading

The good old African Threading. Do you remember the days of old when our mothers used thread to braid our hair? Yes, that's it. African threading simply is using thread (usually black but a pop of colour hurt no one) on sections of hair to stretch it. It can be done on wet or dry hair and requires no heat at all. It's a ding ding ding from us. It's an effective and healthy way of stretching hair. You can keep it on for days and rock it stylishly. 

Blow Drying

For most of us, blow drying is the simplest way of stretching natural hair. You can use the blow dryer on minimum heat or no heat at all. If you decide to go with heat, please use a heat protectant. In order to protect your hair from heat damage, please do not blow dry every other day. Once in a while is okay.


This is similar to African threading. The only difference is using hair bands instead of thread. Divide your hair into manageable sections after moisturizing. Take a section and start tying your hair with the hair bands from the roots of your hair right to the tip. Do this to all sections of your hair. This method also doesn't require any heat at all.

Twists and Braids

Twisting or braiding your natural hair can help in stretching it. First moisturize your hair, then detangle with a wide tooth comb. Twist (2-strand) or braid (3-strand) your hair either as jumbo braids/twists or regular ones.

Bantu Knots

This hairstyle does an awesome job of stretching natural hair. This is ideal when done on moisturized hair and stays in place especially for 4C hair. After installing the knots, do not apply heat. Allow it to air dry. Bantu knots adds volume to your hair when taken down. 


Silk Press

In recent times, silk press is becoming very popular. Silk press requires the use of heat. Before you decide to go in for this, make sure your hair is very healthy as your hair could be susceptible to heat damage. We would advise not to go in for this too often but if you have, go to a trusted salon and treat your hair before and after.


Whichever way or form you decide to stretch your hair, go for it. However, make sure you're going in for the healthier option for your hair. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.

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