Unhealthy Hair Practices Which Have Become Normal

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Natural hair care has become trendy over the years. Unfortunately, the trend hasn't come along with a lot of education on how to take care of it to promote health. The fixation on hair growth supersedes the need to treat the hair right. Consequently, there are a lot of unhealthy hair practices we focus on which have become normal. We draw your attention to such unhealthy hair practices.

Using oil to moisturize hair

Oiling isn't synonymous with moisturizing. To effectively moisturize, the products you use must be hydrating. If they aren't, you are using the wrong products. Water is key, especially in your leave-in lotion. Hair oils are great for sealing in moisture - after moisturizing with your water-based Leave-in-Lotion. If you have nothing at all, use water!

Braiding non-stop

Let's push some buttons. If you're always braiding your hair, you need to stop. If you're always in cornrows (and always wearing wigcaps), please stop. Braiding always or back-to-back weakens your hair. Much so because you tend to ignore your hair whilst in braids. If you aren't already experiencing hair damage (breakage or edges gone), you're on your way to doing so. Braids should be done sparingly to protect your hair especially during harsh weather conditions. Allow your real hair to breathe. Wear it out. Chunky twists or natural hair twists are a better alternative. 

Detangling on dry hair

Do you want to know a secret? Everyone's hair grows. We often do not see that growth because we're unable to retain length. Most of the hair we lose is from detangling the wrong way. Detangling on dry hair is one of the worst things you can ever do to your hair. Detangling should never be done on dry hair. You'll lose so much hair especially if you have 4C hair. Whilst we're on the topic of detangling, always use a wide tooth comb. If you don't have a wide tooth comb, use your fingers. 

Hair care doesn't end at the salon

What would you say if we asked how you took care of your hair in between salon visits? Most of us ignore our hair after visiting the salon. Hair care doesn't end at the salon. If you have low porosity hair especially, moisture should be your friend. Always moisturize. You can do so with the Aloe Vera Hair Mist or Anti-Itch Hair and Scalp Spray. Take care of your hair at home.

Using a regular towel to dry hair

Just as you have invested in a satin bonnet, invest in a micro fiber towel. The regular cotton towels pull on your hair strands. If you do not have access to a micro fiber towel, please use an old t-shirt or air dry. 

Tight hairstyles

There's this notion that tight hairstyles last longer. You're damaging your hair. If you notice scalp tension bumps after installing any hairstyle, it's too tight. Tension bumps especially at the edges of your hair isn't good. You're likely to lose your edges which is very difficult to grow back. If you're already losing your edges, please stay away from styles like cornrows, ponytails and the likes. 

Using very little product in hair

Pea size doesn't actually mean pea size in natural hair care. Stop using a weighing scale to measure the products you use for your hair. Products are more effective when they saturate your hair, especially for low porosity and 4C hair. If your stylist is using very little product, prompt them or take along your own products. Truthfully, you'll never experience that at Eya Salon (wink wink).

Colouring hair days apart

Don't. Just don't. You'll weaken your hair. By its nature, dyeing your hair already strips the hair of its natural colour and makes it susceptible to breakage. Dyeing your hair just days apart might damage it even further. You can salvage the situation with Protein Treatment but don't wait till your hair starts breaking before you take action.

With good hair practices, growing healthy hair comes easy. Letting go of these unhealthy hair practices outlined above are a step in the right direction. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.

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