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If you've ever had dandruff, then you know how uncomfortable it can get. Those dry, flaky, whitish substance in hair which becomes difficult to hide sometimes. Not only is dandruff uncomfortable but very irritating to say the least. Have you tried to treat it to no avail? Before you give up on finding a remedy, let's try to address a few issues.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a fungal infection caused by the fungus known as Malassezia. This fungus feeds on excess sebum or oils on the scalp. It usually multiples and becomes very itchy. 

Causes of dandruff

When it comes to dandruff, different factors contribute to its formation ranging from environmental factors to stress, diet, products and others. Let's get into the details.


An increase in yeast affects the formation of dandruff in your hair. Sugary foods usually increase yeast formation. If you have a lot of dandruff, it's time to cut down on your sugar intake.


Ah yes! Hormones play a vital role in dandruff in hair. They influence the production of hair oils or sebum which is breeding ground for the dandruff-causing fungus. Aside this, hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy, post-partum and menstruation influences the formation of dandruff. 

Harsh products

Using harsh products on your hair could influence the formation of dandruff. Products with parabens and sulfates when used could in the long term irritate the scalp which contributes to dandruff formation. In addition, using too much product in your hair contributing to product build-up can contribute to dandruff formation. 


One of the triggers of dandruff is stress. Your immune system becomes compromised when you're stressed. As such, it's unable to fight off infections, one of them being dandruff formation. 

Treating dandruff

One or a combination of these would help in treating dandruff depending on how severe the dandruff is.

Using the right products

Products without sulfates or parabens are the way to go. Focus on quality and ignore the price point. You might also want to use products with peppermint oil and lemon to help in treating dandruff. The Eya Naturals Dry Scalp Set is free from parabens and sulfates and is formulated with peppermint oil and lemon to help in treating dandruff.  

Wash your hair properly

When washing your hair, make sure you wash out your hair properly. Leaving residue of products in your hair can contribute to the formation of dandruff. In addition to washing out products properly, put together a hair wash regimen and do it meticulously to prevent product build up. If you suffer from dandruff, shampooing your hair once a week is ideal. 

Hair treatments are your friend

Apple cider vinegar treatment, peppermint oil treatment, tea tree oil treatment among others should be included in your hair care regimen. Don't go more than two weeks without incorporating any of these treatments into your washday routine. In case you're unable to do these on your own, visit the closest branch of Eya Salon and enjoy the services of our professionals. 

Be intentional about your diet

Cut out sugar from your diet. Include diets rich in iron and folic acid. Be intentional about including fruits and vegetables in your diet. Green leafy plants such as spinach, broccoli, avocado, etc and vibrant-coloured fruits such as watermelon, banana, pineapple among others.

Add coconut oil to your hair products

Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties which makes it perfect for treating dandruff. Use it as a hot oil treatment before shampooing to enjoy the maximum benefits. Heat just a little bit of coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. Rinse it out using the Eya Naturals Black Soap Shampoo which is mild and clarifying. Repeat this every week (during washdays) and watch the situation get better.

Dealing with dandruff requires a conscious and consistent approach. Don't relent if you don't see immediate results. Keep at it and eventually, you'll rid your hair of any dandruff present. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.


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