Experiencing Dry Hair?

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If you have natural hair, you've dealt with having dry hair at some point. One of the major differences between natural and permed hair is the need for moisture in natural hair. Almost all the problems of natural hair stem from having relatively dry hair and this is why 'moisture' is very important. 

So what do you do when you have dry hair? Some people resort to what they term as moisturizing by applying oil. We cannot stress this enough - OIL IS A SEALANT. If you apply only oil on dry hair, you are only sealing in the dryness and nothing else. The following pointers would help in ending the dry hair spell.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

This isn't for the bougie naturalista only. It is a must for all. Deep conditioning when done right, penetrates the hair shafts, softens and moisturizes it, whilst making it healthier. It adds an extra layer of shine and promotes elasticity all the while, nourishing your hair. If you have dry hair in particular from dyeing it, then this is your holy grail.

Use Water-Based Leave In Conditioner

Do you know what's in your leave in conditioner? If water isn't part of the first four ingredients of your leave in conditioner, throw it away. Having a water-based leave in lotion ensures that your hair is getting the right amount of moisture it needs whilst conditioning your hair. This is essential since leave in conditioners can be used daily to moisturize hair. If you're looking for a leave in conditioner that does the job right, you guessed right - the Eya Naturals leave in lotion- is your best best.

Avoid Shampoos with Sulfates

Sulfate-free shampoos are ideal for use, especially if you have dry hair. These type of shampoos do not strip your hair off its natural oils, making it much more ideal. If you have dry hair, the last thing you want to do is use harsh products on your hair.

Drink Water

Cliché right? It might be, but it's for your own good. Hydrating from the inside out is a very effective way of keeping your hair moisturized. Not only does drinking water help you mind your business (by visiting the loo often) but your hair strands also absorb some of this water to stay moisturized. Think of your hair as flowers or plants which need daily moisture to survive. Aha, you're getting the hang of it.

Avoid Excess Heat as much as Possible

Yes, we know you want to know the length of your hair but is blow drying with high heat or straightening the only way you can do it?

Try the African Threading technique or the good old fashioned chunky twists to stretch your hair without using heat. It's okay if you use low heat once a while (with a heat protectant) but if you use high heat all the time, you're drying out your hair and damaging it.

Moisturize your hair frequently (LOC or LCO?)

Which one works better? The LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) or the LCO (Liquid Cream Oil)? Well, there's no right or wrong answer. The LOC is basically applying liquid or water to your hair first, followed by an oil and then a cream which could be a leave in conditioner, shea butter, etc. The difference between the LOC and LCO is which comes first, oil or cream. Try both and stick to what works best for your hair.

Both methods are known to work effectively, the most important thing is make sure you start with your liquid or spray when moisturizing hair, like the Eya Naturals Hair & Scalp Spray or Eya Naturals Aloe Vera Hair Mist.

Dry hair should be a thing of the past with these recommendations. For further hair consultation, please contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram 

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