Products do not work until you use them

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Yes, that's the whole blog post. Let's move on to the next. No?! Alright, let's dissect this topic a little bit further.

Going through social media and seeing people with beautiful and healthy hair is entertaining to say the least. Of course, we want our hair to be as healthy as it looks online but taking care of natural hair in particular is no joke. We often set out to do the right thing by conducting our own research about products that work for us and take the added step of purchasing the products. For some of us, this is where it ends.

After purchasing the products, we unconsciously think and feel that our hair is about to experience the 'midas touch'. Are you guilty of this because I know I am (sometimes). If your bubble isn't burst already then here goes - your hair would not magically become healthier after buying hair products. You have to actually use them. 

When we say 'use them' we don't mean use one of them, use a combination of them or use the products as and when you like. We mean use them as prescribed, consistently and efficiently. Not only does this ensure that the products work well for you but you also get value for money especially in this economy.

Aside using the products, it is important to treat your hair well. Bad hair practices such as keeping in protective styles for weeks on end, ALWAYS wearing wigs, not moisturizing well, installing protective styles back to back should be a thing of the past. Good hair practices and good products go hand in hand if the goal is to grow healthy hair. There are no short cuts. You have to put in the work.  

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