Hair Bleaching vrs Hair Dyeing

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Once in a while, we get bored with how our hair looks and desire a different look. For some of us, changing the hair colour alone is enough. You can do this by either bleaching or dyeing your hair or doing both. How do you know the difference? 

What is hair bleaching?

Hair bleaching entails using chemical to strip the hair of the melanin or its natural colour. Bleaching usually gives a brownish or blondish look depending on how long the chemical is left in the hair. The longer it's left in the hair, the lighter it becomes. Bleaching is permanent and cannot be reversed.

What is hair dyeing?

Hair dyeing simply means changing the hair colour. With dyeing, the melanin in the hair is kept intact. To achieve the look you want, you can use permanent, semi-permanent or temporary dye. For many who want bright colours, they begin by bleaching before dyeing the hair.

Caring for bleached hair vrs dyed hair

Generally, bleached hair requires a lot of moisture as it tends to get dryer. That is not to say dyed hair doesn't need moisture. However, when put on the same scale, bleached hair needs more moisture. This is why moisturizing daily (preferably morning and evening or anytime in between you feel hair is dry) is critical to its health.

On a lot of occasions, bleached hair tends to break if not cared for properly. Before bleaching or dyeing your hair, it is important to treat the hair. You can go in for protein treatment to fortify the hair or deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture to the hair. 

It is also important to assess the health of your hair before going in for either bleaching or dyeing. If you're experiencing hair breakage or the general health of your hair is nothing to write home about, focus on bringing your hair back to health before bleaching or dyeing. 

As much as possible, wait till 6 weeks before re-bleaching or re-dyeing your hair again. Re-applying the chemicals too soon to your hair can damage it beyond repair. When this happens, you have no other choice than to cut it off. If that's what you're aiming for, then by all means go in for it. If not, please wait.

Whichever option to decide to go with, it is important to care for your hair. Ultimately, the health of your hair is important. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.


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