Help! My Hair Has Stopped Growing

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There comes a time in our hair care journey when we do not see any significant growth. It looks and feels like no matter what you do, your hair just refuses to grow. For a lot of naturalistas, it might even be the case of the hair not getting any thicker or longer. Let's explore why this is happening.


Yes! As women, we tend to go through hormonal changes every month. This could have an effect on the hair growth cycle. When it comes to pregnancy for example, some women tend to experience rapid hair growth during pregnancy and lose most of it during the postpartum period.  Don't panic when this happens. It shall pass.


Diet plays an integral role in how healthy our hair is. Incorporate foods rich in vitamins and proteins in your diet. Foods such as oranges, potatoes, avocados, beans, soya beans, eggs, meat and others. Be intentional about the food you eat and get creative. As usual, don't forget to drink a lot of water too. The daily recommendation is 8 standard glasses.



Do not downplay the power of genetics. We all have our hair cycle growth patterns. The terminal length (the longest your hair could ever grow) is heavily reliant on your genes. Interestingly, hair grows about half an inch every month so to be fair, your hair is growing. How you maintain or retain length matters a lot in this case. 

Poor hair care practices

Hair care practices play an important role in the general health of your hair. As mentioned earlier, technically your hair is growing but you're not able to retain length. This could be caused by a myriad of factors. Start by moisturizing your hair with water, leave in lotion and shea butter or any preferred hair oil. Spray the water all over your hair, massage it in. Follow it up with the leave in lotion and shea butter. Massage your scalp for about 2 minutes with hair growth oil or castor oil. Stop wearing cornrows, wigs and braids all the time. Allow your hair to breathe. Deep condition at least once every 2 weeks and always make sure your hair is moisturized before detangling. A wide tooth comb or detangling brush will do the job just fine. 


Being stressed can slow down your hair growth or contribute to hair loss. Take a breather. Connect with friends or nature, whichever works for you. Take some time off to relax. If you have a busy schedule, try to relax and incorporate some stress releasing activities into your schedule. Don't stress yourself out of your hair. 

Stretch your hair

Natural hair is generally coily. You might notice how thick your hair is getting but not necessarily longer. To see the real length, stretch your hair. To go heatless, you can opt for African Threading, Banding, Chunky Twists, etc. You could also blow dry your hair with minimal heat. 

In all of these patience and consistency is key. Don't give up on your hair care journey  Be patient. For further hair consultation, please contact +233 204 600 464 or @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram


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