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Detangling, the 'headache' of almost every naturalista. Due to how coily and curly our hair is, detangling is inevitable. This plays a major role in retaining length. Is there a right or wrong way to detangle? There sure is.

Detangle your hair whilst moisturized

To start with, detangling on dry hair is a bad  idea especially if you have 4C hair. You're likely to tear your hair and cause split ends. Ideally, detangle hair after moisturizing. So first spray your hair with a little water or a water-based hair mist and apply leave in lotion (or detangling conditioner if you're washing your hair)  to your hair. This makes your hair a bit damp and easier to detangle. 

Divide your hair into sections and finger detangle

If you have medium to long hair, divide your hair into at least 4 sections. Take each section and use your hands to gently detangle your hair starting from the ends of your hair to the roots. 

Use wide tooth comb 

Some prefer to finger detangle only. However, if after finger detangling you still want to go a bit further to remove all the tangles, please use a wide tooth comb. Gently brush out the ends of your hair and make your way through to the roots. Be very gentle, do not pull on tangles and brush out hair with love. 

Twist each section after detangling

After going through the detangling process, twist each section. This is done to stretch the hair and prevent it from being tangled up again.

Although detangling can be hectic sometimes, doing it properly and at the right times goes a long way to affect the overall health of your hair. You should detangle when you pre-poo, shampoo, deep condition or when you're getting ready to style. 

To prevent your hair from getting tangled, cover your hair with a satin bonnet when sleeping, use a micro fiber towel or an old t-shirt to dry your hair after washing it and wear styles that help stretch your hair like twists or braids.

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