My Child Has Natural Hair. What Next?

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Parenting doesn't come with a blueprint. If it did, we would all subscribe to it. Who doesn't enjoy the soft life? Fortunately, a few things do come with some guiding principles including how to take care of your kid's natural hair. Are you ready to explore? Jump on.


Ahhhh this thing called 'moisturizing' again. One of the best things you can ever do for natural hair is to moisturize. Right from infancy, moisturizing is key to the health and growth of natural hair. For babies, moisturizing at least once a week is fair. For toddlers, you can increase the frequency to about 3-4 times weekly (even with braids on). All you need is your Hair Milk, Shea Body and Hair Butter and Hair Oil. Spray the hair milk throughout hair and massage unto the hair and scalp, apply your butter and oil and style as desired.

To braid or not to braid

After playing with baby dolls, we finally birth our real-life baby doll. Hold on though, dolls don't have tender scalps but babies do. Before you think about braiding your little one's hair (with or without extensions), pause to think of how it'll affect the scalp. Styles which pull on their scalp is a big no. If you see any little rashes/bumps on your baby's hairline a day or two after braiding, it's an indication that the style is too tight. If your baby is uncomfortable, please don't force it. If your baby is losing her hairline, please stop braiding. Just let her wear out her afro. She has a lifetime ahead to wear cute styles.

Focus on health first

The obsession with hair growth, even for little kids is worrying. Above everything else, prioritize the health of your kid's hair. This includes adopting a hair care regimen for her including using kids-friendly products such as the Kids Set from Eya Naturals, moisturizing regularly and properly and generally adopting good hair care practices. The good thing is, in prioritizing health, growth follows. 

Deep condition

This is ideal for toddlers. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment for your toddler at least once every 2 weeks. This helps in restoring moisture to the hair. After applying the deep conditioner and covering it with a shower cap, apply a little bit of heat to allow the products to penetrate the hair. If your toddler won't allow you to do that, leave the shower cap on for just a little bit longer.

The good thing about keeping natural hair, even for kids, is the absence of harsh chemicals applied to the hair. Moisturizing and leaving the hair in chunky braids and twists alone will help in growing healthy hair. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to make sure all strands of the hair are in place and 'accounted' for. Allow your child to enjoy the hair care process. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey as well.

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