Why Your Hair Keeps Breaking

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One of the most frustrating happenings in our hair care journey is when our hair starts to break. For most of us, any inch lost can be take us years to grow back. Although there might be some physiological reasons behind your hair breaking, most of it has to do with bad hair practices. In case you're wondering why your hair keeps breaking, here are some reasons.

Not moisturizing often and properly

By now, you should know that natural hair grows better when moisturized often and properly especially if you have 4C hair. This type of hair, requires a lot of moisture. It is advisable to moisturize daily if you can. For most of us, this might be too much work but it's very necessary. Hardly does moisturized hair break.


To moisturize properly, start with water or a water-based product such as the Aloe Vera Hair Mist as a base product. Then apply your Leave-In Lotion, work through hair and finally seal in the moisture with Shea Butter or any hair oils of your choice. If you prefer using heavier oils such as Castor Oil, moisturizing at least one every two days works. If you prefer lighter oils such as Avocado oil or Sweet Almond Oil, moisturizing daily is better. 

Wearing too many protective styles

Protective styles have their place in the natural hair journey. When worn everyday, there's no breathing space or time for our hair. This place enormous pressure on it, gets compressed easily, prone to heat (especially in wig caps), etc. All these, when combined with not moisturizing in protective styles, contributes to the hair breaking. Wear protective styles sparingly and always moisturize either with the water-based Aloe Vera Hair Mist or the oil-based Anti-Itch Hair and Scalp Spray.

Not deep conditioning regularly

Deep conditioning should not be done only when your hair starts to break. Deep Conditioning Treatment when done regularly, helps in restoring moisture to the hair. Due to how easily our hair loses water and the kind of climate we find ourselves in, it is important to deep condition regularly. When this isn't done, the hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage.

No protein treatment

Protein treatment once every 6 weeks is recommended for natural hair. This helps in restoring proteins lost into the hair. The hair strands become stronger, moisturized and less likely to break. Although Protein Treatment helps when your hair is already breaking, don't wait till it gets to that point. Be proactive about it. 

Not using the right hair products

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is to use the wrong products or to use too many products or to keep changing hair products willy-nilly. How would you know what works and what doesn't work? Experimentation is good but don't jump in all at once. 

If you're experiencing breakage, the Hair Repair Therapy Set from Eya Naturals is your saving grace. If you're not experiencing breakage, please do not opt for this set. Too much protein in your hair can equally lead to breakage. 

Post-partum reasons

A lot of women tend to lose their hair after giving birth. This lasts anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. Sometimes it goes away on its own. Other times, having good hair practices and eating right saves the day. Ultimately, it will pass. 

 Aside the reasons stated above, stress can be a contributory factor to hair loss. As cliché as this sounds, stop worrying about hair loss. Worrying about it will  make it worse not better. If you're going through hair loss, adopting good hair practices will do you good. Eat right and drink a lot of water as well.

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