Myths About Growing Hair

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On the list of almost every woman is to grow long, healthy hair. In trying to grow healthy hair, there are a lot of things we tend to do to enhance the process. Not only are some of these unnecessary but a lot are wrong as well. Healthy hair growth is definitely possible but you have to do it the right way. Here are some myths about growing hair. 

Products alone grow hair

The truth is, products alone cannot grow hair let alone grow it quickly. Hair growth is a combination of 'good' genes, a consistent hair care regimen, growth stimulating products, a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water. The Grow and Thicken Set from Eya Naturals helps stimulate hair growth when used consistently. Don't buy products, shelf it and expect to have healthy hair growth. Don't use just one product out of the entire set and expect healthy hair growth. Don't use only the products, engage in bad hair practices and expect your hair to grow. Healthy hair growth requires a consistent and comprehensive approach not an 'as and when I feel like' approach. 

Oiling your scalp daily

Applying oils to your scalp directly every single day might just clog your pores especially when heavier oils such as Castor Oil and the likes are used. Using the right oils after moisturizing can stimulate growth but first, you need to choose the best oils for your hair type. Low porosity hair for example thrives with light oils such as Coconut oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil, Olive Oil and the likes. Using heavier oils like Castor oil weighs down the hair. On the other hand, Castor oil is best for high porosity hair.

Protective styles grow hair

Wearing protective styles all the time does not grow hair. Hair grows on its own whether you have on protective styles or not. The issue is how to retain the hair growth. Once you have on braids or twists, you have to be meticulous about moisturizing. Again, wearing protective styles for more than 6 weeks is likely to damage your hair. Always moisturize with either the Aloe Vera Hair Mist or the Anti-Itch Hair and Scalp Spray. If you don't have any of these, use water, leave in lotion and your preferred hair oil. 

Regular trims grow hair

Trimming your hair isn't a guarantee that your hair will grow. Having regular trims helps get rid of split ends which in turn helps in preventing some types of hair breakage. It also helps in retaining length which is important for healthier hair. 

You can achieve the same hair growth as someone else

No two healthy hair growth journeys are the same. You cannot grow your hair for it to be like someone else's. Your genes, diet, hormonal changes, hair type, hair care routine, hair care products and many others all play an important role. Rather than trying to achieve the same growth as someone else, put that energy into growing healthier hair for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

One fact remains in all of these, natural hair does grow. It doesn't have to grow how you want it to. As has been established, retaining hair growth plays a vital role in the health of your hair.  

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