Tips On Taking Care Of Your Child's Hair

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Raise your hand if you used to bond with your mum or dad over hair. Hair care is that powerful. Although parenting doesn't come with a manual, there are a few principles on how to make it worthwhile especially through hair care. Here are a few tips on how to care for your child's hair especially if they have natural hair. 

Make it fun

We understand there are a thousand and one things you could be doing instead. The tears and snot don't make it easier. To make it fun, sing their favourite lullaby. If they are older, ask them to tell you a story. Play word games or allow them to choose the style they want or the accessories they want in their hair. Make the process fun for them. 


Always, always moisturize. It's non-negotiable. No matter the style they have on, always moisturize their hair. This keeps it healthier and less prone to breakage. For babies up to a year old, moisturize hair at least once a week. For toddlers, you can increase the frequency to about 3-4 times weekly (especially when they have braids on). All you need is your Hair Milk, Shea Body and Hair Butter and Hair Oil. Spray the hair milk throughout hair and massage unto the hair and scalp, apply your butter and oil and style as desired.

Be selective on which hairstyles to install

Kids have very sensitive scalp. Not all braids or stylists are ideal for them. Up till about 2 years old, stay away from braids with extensions. They have a lifetime to do that. Don't repeat the same hair mistakes you made on your child. Instead of braids with extensions, jumbo braids, twists, using accessories and the likes are better options. 

Deep condition

Deep conditioning is not ideal for only adults. Using the Deep Conditioning Treatment on your toddler's hair at least once every 2 weeks helps restore moisture which among other things, improves the health of their hair. After applying the deep conditioner and covering it with a shower cap, apply a little bit of heat to allow the products to penetrate the hair. If your toddler won't allow you to do that, leave the shower cap on for just a little bit longer and rinse with water. Moisturize the hair after and massage the hair and scalp with Castor Oil.

Prioritize health of hair 

Healthy hair grows. Never forget that. Focus of keeping your child's hair healthy and it'll grow. This includes adopting a hair care regimen for him/her including using kids-friendly products such as the Kids Set from Eya Naturals, moisturizing regularly and properly and generally adopting good hair care practices. Detangle gently using a detangling brush or wide tooth comb, don't use harsh products with chemicals plus heat styling should be reduced to the barest minimum if possible. 

Hair care for kids is an entire journey and experience. Allow your child to enjoy the process and allow yourself to enjoy the journey too.

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