Natural Hair Does Not Grow Overnight

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Natural hair does grow but it doesn't grow overnight! Oftentimes, we place priority over length rather than health of the hair. A lot of people also prefer to put in minimal effort but expect their hair to grow rapidly. Hair care doesn't work that way. In fact, nothing works that way. You need to put in the work and be consistent about it. Here's what you need to do.

Choose the right products

Products don't grow hair. Products stimulate growth. This means that if all you do is to apply products and leave it at that, don't expect healthy hair growth. To be able to know the right products needed for your hair, you first need to identify the porosity of your hair. Low porosity hair requires a lot of moisture and lighter oils compared to high porosity hair. In choosing your products then, you need to go in for products which provide a lot of moisture to the hair such as the Grow and Thicken Set in addition to the range of products by Eya Naturals.


Use the products!

It's one thing buying products and it's another thing using the products. Don't buy products with the intention of using them and expect your hair to automatically grow healthier. Use the products consistently and as prescribed. 

A lot of natural hair products come as a set. Each product is formulated to address specific issues and they all work together to promote health. Don't pick 1 or 2 products out of many and expect same results as someone using the set. Don't use the set for a few days and expect a drastic change. Patience and consistency is key. 

Develop a hair care regimen

One of the surest ways of growing healthy hair is to develop a hair care regimen which works for your hair. By this, we mean tried and tested hair care regimen. We don't mean putting your hair in cornrows for weeks, taking them out to wash and condition and putting them back in cornrows. No! We don't mean braiding your hair always. We don't mean installing tight hairstyles or braids for months.

Your hair care regimen needs to include moisturizing daily and properly (liquid + conditioner + oils) even in braids or other protective styles. The Aloe Vera Hair Mist or Anti Itch Hair and Scalp Spray are perfect for this. Hot oil treatment on wash days, deep conditioning at least once every two weeks, protein treatment once every 6 weeks, trimming split ends, detangling gently in sections on moisturized hair, using a wide tooth comb to detangle, among others ought to be part of your hair care regimen. 

Be intentional about the health of your hair

Don't leave the health of your hair to chance. You have to be intentional about it. Be particular about what you eat and drink. Incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet and cut down on sugar. Believe it or not, what we eat has an effect on our skin and hair. Do well to cut down on stress as well. In all of these, do not wait till your hair starts breaking before treating it. Incorporate treatment into your hair regimen. It's very important.

You don't need to follow every trend

Not every trend is healthy. Neither is every trend for you. Don't follow trends and end up damaging your hair. If your hair care regimen works well for your hair, please stick to it. If you have to jump on any trend, test it out first before fully jumping on board. 

We cannot stress this enough. Hair doesn't grow overnight and using products alone do not grow hair. Focus on the health of your hair with good hair practices and growth will follow. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.

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