Do's And Don'ts of Protein Treatment

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What does 'hair treatment' mean to you? For some of us, hair treatment is an umbrella term for bringing our hair back to life. You're not entirely wrong. However, the notion that you only treat your hair when there's hair trouble is something you need to rethink. There are different types of treatments for specific reasons. We'll touch on that later but for now, let's take a look at all we need to know about protein treatment, its do's and don'ts.

What is Protein Treatment?

In simple terms, protein treatment is restoring the lost proteins in our hair. We often lose it due to our diet and bad hair practices. When this happens, our hair usually snaps or breaks (either wet or dry) when slightly tucked on or stretched. If you're experiencing significant hair breakage, it is an indication that you need protein treatment.

What protein treatment essentially does is to improve the elasticity of your hair which then makes it less susceptible to breakage. It also strengthens your hair and improves its general appearance.

You can go in for an already formulated Protein Treatment or decide to DIY. The choice is entirely yours. The most important thing is to have the right protein balance.  

With that being said, there are some guidelines to go by during protein treatment;

Do's of Protein Treatment

Shampoo hair before applying protein treatment

This is to ensure that any buildup on hair is washed off to allow the protein treatment to do its job well. After shampooing, do not apply detangling conditioner on your hair.

If your hair doesn't have any buildup whatsoever, just apply the protein treatment on damp hair. Your hair should be clean though.

Apply heat

This enables the protein treatment to penetrate the hair shafts easily. Just cover your hair with a shower cap or any plastic polythene you find around and apply heat using a blow-dryer.

Don'ts of Protein Treatment

Don't leave protein treatment in hair overnight

Yes we understand. Some of us are daredevils but don't leave your protein treatment overnight. You'll only damage your hair.

Don't apply protein treatment too often

How often is too often? Applying protein treatment once every six weeks is enough. Believe it or not, having too much protein in your hair could lead to more breakage. Don't risk it!

Protein treatments generally are good for all hair types. However, if you're experiencing breakage, split ends, dry hair, dyed or coloured hair, texlaxed, transitioning or have very porous hair, you ought to be protein treating your hair at least once every 6 weeks. 

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