Natural Hairstyles for Valentine's Date Night

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You already look great on most days. Why not turn it up a notch on Valentine's Day? Forget about all the noise people are making, love is beautiful. Celebrate it with great hair. Ready to dive in? Let's go!

Chunky flat twists

Not only is this chic but it's very easy to install and sexy as well. Heads would keep turning in your direction and your date would definitely keep his eyes locked on you.



There's nothing or no situation an updo cannot fix. Step out with an updo and head over to your date with pride.


It's not just a trend. Neither is it only for kids. Bubbles  bring out the Queen in you ready to mesmerize your King. 

Large cornrows with extensions

You've fixed cornrows several of times. Switch things up and install large cornrows. Don't end there. Extend it below bra length and you're golden.


Box braids with curly tips

Looking for something which would last longer? Then these box braids are for you. The curly tips add some bit of sophistication to the box braids, perfect for that night out with the bae. 

Pony tail

It seemed impossible sometime back but natural hair pony tails are a vibe. Using a kinky extension for the 'tail' not only gives that afrocentric look but brings out the goddess in you. Add a bold red lip to spice things up with this look.


When in doubt, just put your hair in a puff. It might be the go-to style for a lot of naturalistas but it definitely turns heads and relatively easier to do. A little bit of moisturizer here and there with a natural hair oil to seal in the moisture and you're ready to 'puff it up'.


You're not left out if you have short hair. Add some sass to your hair with a single line or 'go crazy' with different hair designs. You can add a bit of colour to make things interesting and top it up with foam twists.

Even if you do not have a date for Val's Day, may we ask that you show yourself some serious self love on this day, and of course, have fun with your hair. Remember, you will always be our valentine!

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