Stop Damaging Your Hair With These Practices

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Healthy hair doesn't happen by chance. The fixation on the length of hair instead of its health is worrying. Just like anything, if you do take care of your hair, it'll grow healthy. Adopting good hair practices should be on the list of everyone. It's time to do away with the bad hair practices. If you're wondering what they are, here goes. 

Not using hair products

Yes, you've bought all the essential products needed to take care of your hair but are you using them? Don’t be that person. Buying products is good but using them is even better. Use the products consistently and as recommended by the manufacturer. As much as possible, don’t use too many products all at once. It would be difficult knowing the ones that work well and vice versa.


Braiding your hair whilst experiencing breakage

Braiding doesn't automatically result in hair growth. Neither does it solve the problem of hair breakage. In fact, braiding if not done correctly or properly taken care of, can contribute to damaging your hair. If you're experiencing breakage, you're better off treating your hair than installing braids. 

Staying in wigs all the time

It’s convenient but is it the healthier option for your hair? Wearing wigs all the time puts immense pressure on your edges which could further develop into traction alopecia especially with glued frontals. We also tend to forget to take care of our hair under the wig which doesn’t help. We’re not asking you to throw away your wigs. Wear them once in a while and moisturize your hair under the wig daily.

Running your hands through your hair all the time

Are you guilty of the hands-in-hair syndrome? We know how nice it is to run your hands through your hair but please stop. First off, you’re transferring bacteria from your hands to your hair. Aside this, you’re likely to cause friction from your continuous touch. Allow your hair to be.

Not washing your hair frequently (especially if you have dandruff)

You should make it a habit to wash your hair every 2 weeks  (if you’re not in any protective style). If you have dandruff, you ought to wash your hair at least once a week. Not washing your hair can cause product build-up on that can cause flaky scalp and other unpleasant scalp issues.

Also, avoid the use of products with sulfates because they strip your hair off its natural oils. You can also visit a Eya Salon for hassle-free washdays.

Being very economical with hair products

Use those products! Dime size for naturalistas doesn’t actually mean dime size especially for detangling and leave in conditioners. Make sure your hair is well saturated with the products and water before manipulation. TIP: If you’re thinking of the extra costs of buying products all over again, don’t worry. Grab the refill packs from Eya Naturals and save 25% on each product.

Ignoring your ends and edges when moisturizing

Your ends and your edges  deserve a lot of love and care. Pay close attention to your ends which are usually very dry and weak. When moisturizing your edges, be gentle. Don’t apply too much pressure on your edges. Gently massage the area.

Growing healthy hair takes consistency and a lot of discipline. It might get difficult along the line but don’t give up. For further hair consultation, please contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram 

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