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Today's edition is a passionate plea. Taking care of our kids' hair can be very exciting. In our excitement, we tend to go overboard sometimes which could interfere with them growing healthy hair.

Braiding kids hair

If your child is less than 2 years old, please stop braiding their hair. An occasional ribbon wouldn't hurt. However, putting your kid's hair in little sections, buns, braids, etc puts a lot of pressure on their scalp. They might develop headaches or it could stunt hair growth. Even worse, it could lead to traction alopecia or your kid losing their hair (especially their edges) due to traction. 

Braiding with extensions

Braiding with extensions is a no-no for less than 3-year olds. Unfortunately, it has become a norm with a lot of parents to install braids with extensions for kids. Imagine how uncomfortable you are and the pain you go through when your hair is braided. Now imagine how your child feels.

Don't style without moisturizing

It's almost become normal to just apply shea butter or hair oil on our kids hair before styling. No wonder they cry often during styling. Do not style hair without moisturizing. Spray the kids hair milk on your child's hair first before applying the shea butter. This makes the hair softer and easier to style. Doing this makes your life and that of your child's better when it comes to haircare.

Detangling and washing

To make wash days easier for you and fun for your child, detangle their hair first. To detangle, first moisturize with the kids hair milk, shea butter and conditioning hair oil (you can also use the oil to pre-poo) and then use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle in sections. Don't be a hurry to get it done with. Be gentle with them and create beautiful memories doing their hair together.

Use the right products

It is advisable to use age-appropriate products for your kids. Products which are made specifically for kids are much better than using products meant for adult use for kids (unless explicitly stated that it's safe for kids). The Eya Naturals Kids Set is appropriate for kids aged 6 months and above.

Aim for health not growth

Too often, we put our kids hair under undue pressure because we want it to grow rapidly. Guess what, healthy hair grows! Instead of always looking for the fastest way or shortcut of growing your kid's hair, focus on good hair practices. These hair practices influence hair growth. In case you come across a 'short cut' for growing kids' hair, be on your guard. 

Enjoy the process of taking care of your child's hair. Use kind and reassuring words when styling their hair and please take it easy on manipulating their hair. You can always visit Eya Salon for proper hair management.

 For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram

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