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Let's be honest. Growing back edges is one of the difficult things to do in the natural hair care process. It also takes a lot of patience, effort and time. It's not for the faint hearted. The problem with a lot of us is that we want a quick fix. Allow us to burst your bubble. There's no quick fix with growing back your edges. 

What is the problem?

The disturbing thing about losing our edges is that in most cases, we lose them due to bad hair practices of which we are all guilty off. What business do you have flat ironing your edges or watching your stylist pull on them so hard when braiding or styling? Why do you want your edges laid at all cost? Why do you keep installing wigs with glue and yank them off after a couple of weeks? In all honesty, what do you think would happen to your edges?

The sad part of it all is that we tend to subject our kids to these bad hair practices. Very little kids, 3 year-olds and 4 year-olds are struggling with growing back their edges because some in-vogue braids was installed for them to look cute. Sigh!

Other causes of hair loss

It's not all gloom. Sometimes, we find ourselves in certain situations which makes us lose hair. Pregnancy, post-partum shedding, stress, depression, certain chronic diseases could contribute to us losing hair. As painful as this sounds, it happens and very little to nothing can be done about losing it. However, it is very possible to grow it back.

How to stimulate growth at the edges

For some of us, the hair at the edges would not grow back no matter the effort or products used. The hair follicles are dead. Nothing can be done and we would have to live with this bitter truth. Here's a small test for you. Touch the affected area with your fingers, if it feels bald with no hair, your follicles are dead. It is finished! On a lighter note, if you feel hair at the affected area then you are in luck. 

Choose styles which are friendly to your edges

Leaving out your hair is the best choice but we know how tough that can be for a lot of people. In its stead, regular twists can be done. In the meantime, stay away from tight braids, cornrows, ponytails or tight puffs. Basically, stay away from any tight hair styles and glue wigs.

Be gentle with your hair

Being gentle includes detangling properly and gently. Always moisturize before detangling and detangle in sections with a wide-tooth comb. When washing, be gentle at the edges. Avoid rubbing hair too rigorously or pulling on edges. Use micro fiber towel to dry hair instead of the regular towel which tends to pull on hair a lot. 

Moisturize always

Whilst using Hair Growth Oil or Castor Oil to grow back hair, moisturize before. Spray a bit of Aloe Vera Hair Mist or Anti-Itch Hair and Scalp Spray on edges, apply your oil and gently massage into hair. Repeat this every morning and evening. You're likely to see results after 6 weeks.

Wear a silk scarf

Protect your hair and edges by wearing a satin scarf to bed at night. It'll drastically reduce the wear and tear caused by cotton pillowcases. Plus, it helps in maintaining whatever hairstyle you have on leaving little room for manipulation.

Improve your diet

Eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water is good for your health. Once you're healthy, every other thing follows. Certain foods such as leafy vegetables, eggs, berries, avocados, sweet potatoes and nuts are good in stimulating hair growth so eat up!

Use the right products

Choosing the appropriate hair products are critical. There's no magic product anywhere to give you a quick fix. However, certain products are made to stimulate growth. Products such as the Hair Growth Oil and Castor Oil from Eya Naturals. It's essential to use these products consistently to see results. Changing products used for your edges every other week is not the best. 

Be patient

You might have lost your edges in a day but it takes a bit of time to grow them back. Being patient is important. Depending on your genes, type of products used and hair regimen, it could take anywhere from 6 weeks to several months before seeing significant results.

The best advice we like to give to all naturalistas and eyanistas is to protect your edges at all cost. Don't leave it to chance. It takes so little effort to lose your edges and so much work and patience to grow it back. 

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