Taking Care of Your Hair During the Harmattan

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The harmattan is here with us again. Talk about double trouble if you have natural hair. Our hair is already very dry even during the wet season. The harmattan poses a real threat to our hair therefore we need to take conscious steps to take good care of it during this season.

Moisturize your hair often

This is a no brainer. Considering how dry the season is and the amount of dust it comes with, moisturizing your hair often is a must. Start with water or a water-based hair mist, apply your leave-in-lotion and then seal in the moisture with shea butter or any hair oil of your choice. You can also carry in your purse the hair mist and apply it when your hair feels too dry in the course of the day.

Deep condition your hair regularly during this period

Deep conditioning helps provide moisture to your hair. Doing so at least once every 2 weeks will help in retaining moisture to your hair. It'll help prevent any form of damage or likely breakage from the hair being too dry and brittle. 

Drink a lot of water

In other words, moisturize from the inside out. Drinking a lot of water helps moisturize your hair. Ideally drinking 8 glasses of water a day helps a lot but it is advisable to increase your water intake during the harmattan, 10-12 glasses if possible.

Avoid shampoos that strip your hair of its natural oils

The best shampoo to use during this time is moisturizing shampoo. This type of shampoo is gentle on your hair and provides moisture to it as well.

Avoid touching your hair

This is the best time to leave your hair alone. The 'hand in hair' syndrome has no place during the harmattan. Avoid styles that'll require you to touch your hair every day. Avoid touching your hair too often unless you're moisturizing it.

Wear satin bonnets or scarfs

This is the perfect time to wear satin bonnets and scarfs. Wearing these help prevent your hair from getting too dry or prone to breakage. 

Wear protective styles

The harmattan is the perfect time to wear protective styles. Braids or twists are great on every other day but very important to wear during the harmattan. Don't ignore your hair whilst in protective style though. Make it a point to moisturize every day. 

Following these tips will help in protecting your hair from the harmattan. These tips are not conclusive but will help a lot. Let's protect our hair during the harmattan and grow healthy hair.

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