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Who else had a rude awakening after transitioning or having the big chop? The difference between caring for permed hair and natural hair is vast. There's no middle ground. The initial reaction of 'OMG what have I gotten myself into?' is surreal.

For some of us, our main concern is the inability to comb the hair. Imagine the 'stress-free' life of combing permed hair willy-nilly only to wake up one day to natural hair which breaks all your combs. Let's forget about the combs we lost to our hair for a minute and think of the hurdles we need to jump over to be able to comb.

If you've ever had this rude awakening, we're most certain you've contemplated texturizing your hair or what some refer to as 'natural hair relaxer'. For starters, there's no natural hair relaxer. A texturizer is a chemical treatment which smoothens and loosens up your curls. As a chemical treatment, your hair is no longer natural after using this.  

We would rather not get into which hair type is healthier. Ultimately, your hair care regimen coupled with products determine how healthy your hair is. However, if we take into account how chemically altered the hair is, texlaxed hair falls in between relaxed and natural hair. 

Pros of texturized hair

  • It's easier to manage compared to natural hair
  • Curls loosen up resulting in hair becoming longer
  • Hair becomes smooth and silky 

Cons of texturized hair

  • Harsh chemicals may contribute to scalp irritation and/or dryness
  • The natural effect of hair is lost
  • Hair might become weaker and prone to breakage

After texturizing your hair, you need to pay particular attention to it. Given that your hair has undergone chemical treatment, you'll need to treat it. Alternate between Deep Conditioning Treatment and Protein Treatment. Deep conditioning is done once every two weeks whilst protein treatment is done once every 6 weeks.

Just like relaxed hair, texturizing your hair requires constant touch ups. This can be done once every 10 weeks to keep your hair in its texturized state. We advice visiting a hair salon for the professionals to take care of it.

Don't let anyone guilt you into choosing a particular hair type. Do what suits you. Ultimately, having healthy hair is the goal. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram



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