The Big Chop

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One of the many fancy terms you'd come to know and appreciate within the natural hair community is the 'big chop'. This simply means cutting off all your permed hair to reveal your hair in its natural state. For sometime now, big chop has become a buzz-phrase as more and more people take the natural hair route. Before you decide to join the wagon, here are a few things you need to know.

Do it for you

Don't just follow the trend. If you intend to cut off your hair, do it because you want to not because everyone is doing it. Keeping short natural hair is tough mentally and physically, especially if you're used to having long hair. Be prepared for it.

Do your research

The big chop certainly comes with its own challenges. The kind of products to use, the essential hair tools you need, how to care for it among others. Take time to read and learn about how to care for short hair. Sometimes, the shock of having short hair with its own texture makes applying chemicals to make it softer seem like a better option. Don't just jump into it. Do your research and be sure it is what you want. 


Get creative

The big chop gives you a clean slate for you to get creative. You can no longer hide behind your hair. This is the best time to try new hair styles including comb twists, foam twists, finger curls, micro twists and many others. You can also accessorize with scarfs, headbands and others. A pop of colour won't also be a bad idea at all. You just need to put in the work to deep condition it properly whilst keeping the hair moisturized.

Care for it

This is not the time to get lazy with your hair care. On the contrary, this is the best time to invest in your hair. Develop a hair care regimen using hair products suited to care for your hair, preferably one with natural ingredients such as the Essentials Set. Learn the basics of moisturizing, the different oils needed to nourish your hair, the hair treatments you ought to do, etc. Don't be fixated on growth. Focus on the health of the hair and growth will follow. This is not the time to hide your hair under wigs with little to no care. Nope!

Be ready for the comments

Both the positive and the negative comments. When it comes to hair, people have different opinions, largely unsolicited. Brace yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly. In all this, keep your head up high and rock your hair with pride.

The natural hair journey is a beautiful one. The big chop is a bold step and we applaud you for that. Enjoy every bit of it. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram


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