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Hair within the natural hair community is often referred to as healthy based on its length. This shouldn't be the case. Healthy hair is healthy hair irrespective of the length. Due to the pressure to have long 'healthy' hair, we often hold on to damaged hair. 

First off, a trim at least once every eight weeks is recommended. This is particularly important if you have chemically altered your hair eg. bleached, dyed, texturized, etc. The tips of the hair are often the oldest and weakest and more susceptible to split ends and/or breakage. Now to the substantive part. How do you know when you need to cut off the damaged parts of your hair?

Frayed ends

When your ends are frayed, you definitely need to trim or cut that off off. Frayed ends often feel and look very dry and weak. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to detangle the ends due to how compact they can get. This usually occurs from excessive use of heat or the exposure to chemicals and environmental factors including the sun and wind. Trimming off the frayed ends is highly recommended.

Hair keeps falling off

It's normal to lose some hair whilst detangling. However, it's a bit too much when you lose a lot of hair whilst detangling or brushing. If you're seeing a lot of short hairs fall off or chunks of hair fall off, the first course of action is to go in for Protein Treatment. Do this type of treatment once every 6 weeks till the situation improves. You may decide to cut off the hair when chunks of hair keep falling off from the scalp leaving bald spots. 

Taking the bold step to trim or cut the hair doesn't come easy but it's worth it. If you're still unsure of cutting off the damaged hair, just test the elasticity of your hair. Whilst your hair is wet, take a strand of it and try stretching it. If it bounces back to its original state, you're good. If it doesn't, it may be indicative of hair damage. It's time to visit a professional.

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