What's In Your Spray Bottle?

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If you're keeping natural hair, then you've heard and read a lot about moisturizing your hair. You can decide to go in for a hair mist which provides moisture to your hair on the go. You can also choose to mix your own products in a spray bottle. Today, we talk more about what you need in your spray bottle.


First and foremost, the content of your spray bottle should be about 70-80% water. This is the most important component needed to provide moisture to your hair. You can use any water at all. Just make sure it is clean.


Adding this is essential especially when you want to detangle or style your hair after using the spray bottle. If you want to wash your hair, then go in for the Detangling Conditioner which helps to untangle your hair effortlessly. However, if you want to style it then using the Leave In Lotion is best. 

Natural Hair Oil

There are a variety of natural hair oils to choose from. Coconut oil comes to mind for a lot of naturalistas. However, if you have 4C hair and prefer lighter oils then Sweet Almond Oil or Avocado Oil does the trick. You can also opt for a blend of oils including Castor Oil. If you have dandruff or dry scalp, you may want to add some Peppermint Oil.

These three ingredients are the main components needed in your spray bottle. The quantities to use depend entirely on you. Just make sure the predominant one is water. Depending on what your hair issues are, you may prefer to add some essential oils. That's okay too. So far as your hair is moisturized, you're good to go.

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