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Breakage can be such a turn off when you have natural hair. This usually happens when your hair is dry and under-nourished and is likely to get in the way of length retention especially. So how do we deal with breakage?

Trim the ends of your hair

For some reason, we find it extremely hard trimming off the ends of our hair. Truth is, sometimes, we get so obsessed with length rather than how healthy our hair should be. Newsflash, holding on to split ends will do more damage to your hair. Let go of it. Get your split ends trimmed and watch your hair flourish.

Step up your moisturizing game

Honestly, moisture is the naturalista's best friend. Moisturize your hair every single day, morning and evening even if you are in braids. First spray your hair with water or a water-based hair mist, then apply your leave-in lotion and finally any light hair oil of your choice. Don't apply oil alone to your hair as a moisturizer. It doesn't work that way. Be a moisturizing guru. Your hair will definitely thank you for that.

Deep condition regularly

Deep conditioning should not only be a reserved treatment when your hair starts to break. Considering how natural hair loves moisture, deep conditioning treatment should be part of your regimen. Some recommend deep conditioning once every 2 weeks. If you're already having trouble with breakage, start with deep conditioning once a week and then once every 2 weeks when the condition improves.

Choose your products carefully

When you're experiencing breakage, it is important to use products that specifically help restore your hair back to its healthy state. The Hair Repair Therapy Set from Eya Naturals has five different products specially formulated to restore dry, damaged hair back to life. With key ingredients of coconut oil to condition hair and peppermint oil to revitalize your hair and scalp. It is the perfect set to stop the breakage and achieve your healthy hair goal.

Go easy with protective styles

Yes, protective styles do help but go easy on them, especially tight styles. It's not ideal to keep them on for so long. Ideally 3-4 weeks is great. Anything more than that doesn't work. Also, allow your hair to breathe after taking down your braids. Having back to back braids weakens your hair quite frankly. Once in a while, rock your afro with pride, sis!

 Don't give up if you're experiencing hair breakage. It'll get better with these tips. For further hair consultation, please contact +233 204 600 464 or @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram


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