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Have you ever moisturized your hair? Dumb question, right? Of course we all moisturize our hair. Do we do it the right way though or with the right products? 

Back then, we used to think moisturizing hair meant slapping some oil on it and styling. Gosh that was so wrong. It took a while to understand that oil is only a sealant. If your hair is dry and you apply oil to it, you only seal in the dryness. 

Now to the good stuff. What products are a must-have for proper moisturizing?


Yes, water. Water plays a key role in moisturizing. You can moisturize from the inside-out, in other words drink a lot of water AND moisturize on the outside by spraying water unto your hair.  Hold on to this for now. We'll re-visit it with more stuff.

Hair Mist / Hair Spray

A hair mist or spray such a Eya Naturals Hair & Scalp Spray and Aloe Vera Hair Mist are great picks for moisturizing. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, amino acid, etc. which are good for the hair. It contains properties that help in moisturizing dehydrated or dry hair and promoting the general health of hair. The Aloe Vera Hair Mist from Eya Naturals provides a quick fix to dry hair. Just spray on a little bit of it to the hair and style as desired.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning has a lot of benefits for the hair. Popular among them is restoring moisture to the hair and shaft. Doing this treatment at least once every 2 weeks helps in the rejuvenation of the hair. Aside this, it prevents damage or breakage, promotes elasticity and restores the natural shine of your hair. For maximum benefits, apply moderate heat to your hair when deep conditioning and rinse out with cold water.

DIY Spray Bottle

If you don't have a ready-made hair mist or spray, do you have a spray bottle? If yes, what is in it? Let's continue with the 'water' post. First of all, your spray bottle should have water. That should never be compromised. Some #Eyanistas prefer adding the Leave In Lotion and Castor Oil for the mix but really, the choice of oils is yours.

Oils such as almond, avocado, castor, olive and sunflower oils work really well. They work in many ways to not only seal in moisture but also to promote healthy hair growth. Add a dash of peppermint oil or tea tree oil to give your scalp a refreshing treat. Always remember though that your spray bottle should have mostly water in it. A good ratio to use is 80% / 20%. 80% water and 20% oils.

Natural Oils or Butter

After moisturizing we seal in the moisture, using your favorite natural oil and/ or Shea Butter or your favorite butter. Hair oils such as Castor, Avocado or the Eya Hair Growth Oil helps immensely. You'll be wondering why coconut oil was not mentioned.

Coconut oil is a moisturizing oil and can be used independently to moisturize your hair. It however penetrates your hair in a limited amount particularly based on the porosity of your hair. Irrespective of that, every #Eyanista needs coconut oil in her hair regimen. 


The process

Now that we know the essentials needed in moisturizing our hair, let's dive into the actual process of moisturizing on a daily bases. Ideally, you should do this once a day. Or twice a day if your hair needs it.

To properly moisturize, first spray a bit of water or water-based hair mist unto your hair. Apply your leave in lotion and massage unto hair and scalp. Seal in the moisture with your preferred hair oil.

If you're in braids, you can still follow this process with emphasis on the undergrowth and the braided part of your hair.

Some hairstyles may not allow for proper sealing in, that's OK. However, ensure that the moisture part is taken care of.

Do not compromise on how tidy your hair will or will not look like. What would you rather have, very tidy braids or healthy hair? For further hair consultation, please contact +233 204 600 464 or @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram


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