Hair Conditioners And What Each Does

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Conditioning natural hair is an important step in natural hair care. Knowing the type of conditioner to use at what time plays a key role in the health of your hair. Don't worry if you're not certain of the type of conditioner to use. These are the different types of conditioners and their uses.

Detangling / rinse out conditioners

These are the most common and most used type of conditioners. Detangling conditioners help not only in conditioning the hair but removing tangles as well. It makes it easier to run your hands or a wide-tooth comb through it after use. 

After shampooing hair, generously apply Detangling Conditioner through wet hair. Massage gently into scalp and hair from roots to ends. Leave on for at least fifteen minutes and use a wide to tooth comb or fingers to gently detangle in sections. Rinse thoroughly.

Leave-in Conditioner

As the name indicates, leave-in conditioners do not need to be washed out of the hair after use. Leave-in conditioners can be used on freshly washed hair or on dry hair just before styling. One of the main purposes of leave-in conditioners is to moisturize your hair. As such, make sure any leave-in lotion you go in for has water as one of its main ingredients. The Eya Naturals Leave-In Conditioner does!

All you need to do is to massage a small amount into hair and scalp. Work throughout hair and style as needed. Do not rinse. Use as often as needed.

Deep conditioner

Deep Conditioners help in hydrating the hair. It is also ideal for use on dry, dull hair. They are deeply moisturizing treatments hence the name. Ideally, deep conditioners ought to be used at least once every week especially if you have dyed or bleached hair. 

After shampooing, massage the deep conditioning treatment into wet hair from roots to tip. Cover hair with a shower cap and leave on for about 10 – 45 minutes. Apply moderate heat for deep penetration. Rinse out.

Whatever you do, do not miss out on conditioning your hair with the right products at the right time. Let your hair enjoy the full benefits of the different types of conditioners. 

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