Why You Keep Losing Your Edges

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Whether permed or natural, losing your edges isn't normal. However, it is becoming worrying how a lot of people keep losing their edges. Apart from post-partum, bad hair practices for the most part are to blame. What you are or are not doing, has dire consequences on your edges. Let's explore why you keep losing your edges.

Why you keep losing your edges

Friction from tight hairstyles

Getting your edges snatched has led to more edges being lost. Enough of the tight hairstyles. The major culprit here is braids. No matter the size, do not braid your edges or so close to it. Let your stylist know if the braids are too tight. Other tight hairstyles such as cornrows and ponytails are a no-no. They often lead to traction alopecia. If you have to install these styles, make sure they are not tight. Save your edges.

Wearing wigs often

Wigs are great! They become a problem when you wear them too often especially when they're tight and worn too close to the hairline. Applying glue worsens the problem when the take-down is rough. By all means wear your wigs. They are great protective styles. But wear them sparingly and protect your edges.

Applying heat too often & using chemical relaxers

Applying heat often weakens the hair strands especially those along the hairline. In the same way, chemical relaxers if used improperly and left in the hair too long can have adverse effects on the hairline. Some hair dyes could also lead to you using your edges. Do a patch test at the back of your hair before dyeing your entire hair especially the hairline. If you have to use heat, use a heat protectant first. When it comes to chemical relaxers, read the instructions well before use. 


Stress affects the body's immune system. This sometimes contributes to you losing your hair. New mothers, especially, lose their edges due to post-partum reasons. Don't panic when this happens. Be patient and take the necessary steps to grow back your hair.

Growing back your edges

Avoid what made you lose your edges

This is an important step in trying to grow back your edges. Unfortunately, a lot of people skip it and go straight to products. Using products are great but if you're still entangled with such bad hair practices, all your efforts will be in vain. If you lost your edges through tight hairstyles, it's time to say goodbye to such hairstyles. 

Massage affected areas with stimulant oils

One great way of growing back your edges is to apply growth stimulating oils such as Castor Oil and Hair Growth Oil on the affected areas. For the products to work better, it is advisable to first moisturize the hairline with the Aloe Vera Hair Mist or at the very least, water before massaging in the oils. These oils thicken the hair strands whilst stimulating hair growth. For best results, massage the oils every morning and evening. With consistency, you'll notice your edges growing back.

Be gentle on your edges 

During wash days and styling of your hair, avoid rubbing your edges intensely. Be gentle around your edges. If you visit a salon, prompt your stylist to be extra gentle with your edges. Don't be shy about it. Also, avoid using harsh products on your edges and protect it all costs. 

Adopt good hair practices

Basically, treat your hair right. Incorporate Deep Conditioning Treatment (once every 2 weeks) and Protein Treatment (once every 6 weeks) into your regimen. Protect your hair at night with a satin/silk bonnet or scarf. Moisturize your hair properly and often, eat right and drink a lot of water. Don't forget to also go in for products which work for your hair.  

Losing your edges could take just a few minutes but growing it back could take months if not years. Others are unable to even grow them back. Adopt healthy hair practices. For further hair consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Eya Naturals on +233 204 600 464 or +233 59 237 7008 @eyanaturals on Facebook and Instagram.

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